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Candy hearts enter the digital age with Tinder and Twitter jokes

Nothing says “I <3 you” like a sugary candy, right?


Elizabeth Robinson

Internet Culture

It’s safe to say that Tinder and other dating apps have changed the nature of modern romance, but one thing that has remained constant is the presence of Love Hearts, those pastel candies embossed with sweet messages meant to woo our crushes and spread joy to our friends.

This year, Love Hearts manufacturer Swizzels celebrated the candy’s 60th anniversary by launching a contest to update Love Hearts with new phrases. Not all of the winning phrases had to do with love, but the results are definitely symbolic of the Internet age. Some of the 14 phrases that made the final cut are “Skype Me,” “Take a Selfie,” and “Swipe Right.”

The winners of the competition were invited to tour the company’s factory in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, where some of them revealed that their chosen words were more than just meaningless catch phrases.

If in a few years these phrases become antiquated, don’t worry: “Page Me” and “Fax Me” began appearing on Love Hearts in 1999 but were eventually phased out as other technologies replaced them. Love—and Love Hearts—may stand the test of time, but how we profess it will forever transform.

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