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‘Man expected a pound of lobster for $6.99’: Customer says Long John Silver’s Lobster Bites are half crumbs, sparking debate

‘Anyone else think the most interesting thing here is the creative packaging?’


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

A user on TikTok has gone viral after alleging that, after ordering three Tail Packs of Long John Silver’s Norway Lobster Bites, the actual food they received contained mostly bits of fried breading.

In a video with over 1.3 million views, TikTok user Stephanie (@goldenretriever_family) says she paid $14 for three Tail Packs of Lobster Bites. When they actually got the Tail Packs, they discovered that each pack came with a substantial amount of “crumblies” in place of lobster—little bits of fried breading that come with some Long John Silver’s orders.

@goldenretriever_family How bout them crispys stuffed in there. Should been lobster bites, but For $14 on 3 of them kinda but steep.. geesh #lobsterbites #longjohnsilvers #ljs ♬ original sound – Stephanie thoroughman

However, commenters said that what Stephanie experienced was actually typical for the product and that she may have actually gotten more than expected.

“I work at long johns,” claimed a commenter. “We put crunchies with everything.”

“I work at ljs it’s only 8 per order, we are also angry about it,” stated a second.

“I worked there 2yrs ago. this is how it was,” alleged a third.

“When I worked at ljs years ago they came in little baggies per serving and they were skimpy then too,” shared a fourth.

Other users criticized Stephanie for expecting more lobster from a fast-food restaurant.

“Imagine ordering lobster from Long John Silvers and expecting anything other than salty crunch fish knuckles,” joked a commenter.

“Man expected a pound of lobster for $6.99,” offered another.

Some expressed appreciation for the product’s packaging, which is shaped like a lobster. “Anyone else think the most interesting thing here is the creative packaging?” one said.

It’s unclear how many Lobster Bites Stephanie received, but from browsing videos on the topic, it appears that receiving “crumblies” alongside the bites is atypical.

These crumblies appear to be a TikTok favorite.

“The crispies were the only good thing about that place,” claimed a user. “Only reason I ever wanted to go as a kid.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Long John Silver’s via contact form and Stephanie via TikTok comment.

Update 3:35pm CT Oct. 30, 2022: In a TikTok direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, Stephanie explained her surprise at the lackluster Lobster Bites box.

“…The first few times that we bought these, they didn’t have crispies overfilling the box. It was nothing but lobster bites since their most recent release, [because] they don’t have them all the time,” she detailed. “Then we went and bought these ones in the video.”

“I would also like to add that their advertisements don’t show or have crispies either,” she continued. “Not that we don’t like crispies; we just thought that for such a small package that there’s really no need to feel it 3/4 full of crispies and very little lobster bites. Just seems misleading…They were delicious, but them filling it up with more crispies than the actual ordered item just seems off.”

“…We didn’t think we was gonna get a pound of lobster,” she laughed. “We just expected there to be a sizable amount and it not packed with the fish crispies.”

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