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These long Furby projects are the stuff of Furby fans’ dreams

Long Furby is long.


Brittany Vincent

Internet Culture

Most people agree that Furbies are cute. We know—some of you think they’re terrifying, or a combination of cute and terrifying. But it’s hard to deny that these weird creatures, which resemble an owl mixed with maybe two other animals, are magical.

And you know what’s even more magical than a regular Furby? A Long Furby.

When Twitter user @SomersetSews first posted photos of an extremely long, ferret-like Furby, Furby fans all over the internet went wild for it. Just take a look at this thing:

As expected, people were both horrified and amazed when they saw it.

But SomersetSews wasn’t the first to put together what many would call “abominations” (read: people who don’t know how to have fun).

Tumblr user furbyfuzz can be traced back to the origin of this bizarre creation. This enterprising inventor took a regular Furby, then essentially stretched it out, citing a few funny “what if” questions as inspiration for the creature: “What if Furby was like a wiener dog? What if Longcat was Furby?” These are fair questions, and they’ve been answered quite sufficiently, honestly. Both creations would be awesome beyond compare.

The first Long Furby, at least in what appears to be recorded Tumblr history, was named LongFurby. But it also has some other great nicknames, according to the Tumblr user’s FAQ, like Jörmungandr, Cygnus, and Yaldabaoth.

LongFurby was created using a Furby Buddy (a small Furby beanie baby), which doesn’t feature any mechanical components, and as such doesn’t function like the regular electronic companions do. So while it doesn’t “work” like you’d expect it to, including talking and whatnot, it’s still as functional as any stuffed animal.

The LongFurby creature includes a special part found in poseable Pokémon plush dolls, according to furbyfuzz, as well as a spine purchased on eBay to give the creation its unique shape and frame.

Furbyfuzz’s genius creation obviously influenced SomersetSews, as she explained to The Daily Dot.

“I had Furbys as a kid, and the wackiness of it just appealed to me,” said SomersetSews via Twitter DM. “FurbyFuzz used a 4-inch Furby beanie baby as her base, but I wanted to go bigger, so I purchased one of the original 1998 Furbys and went to town on it.”

This longer Furby is also a bit more “luxe” than the original, given that it uses some pretty high-quality materials, said SomersetSews.

“I thought I might be able to splice the existing Furby “skin” into the super long tube, but understandably, the fur in production just isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago! I ended up finding a gorgeous luxe mink-y fabric in a subtle creme and well, designer Furby it is. So I took apart the whole Furby, made a pattern, and sewed everything back up from scratch.”

The greatest thing about these Furby creations? You can buy them, of course! The furbyfuzz original runs about $80 (calculations for expenses seen here on Tumblr) so you can have one of your very own. SomersetSews is also selling her own “Longer Furby” via Etsy, but the listing is currently sold out—which tells you something about this strange item’s allure.

She’s also been hard at work dressing up Furbies in adorable dresses, which have their own unique allure of their own.


If you’re looking to add a Long Furby to your collection, keep an eye out for the original (you can contact the seller here) or the Longer Furby on Etsy.

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