Logan Paul says he walked out of 'Oppenheimer' because 'it's all exposition'

Logan Paul/YouTube

Logan Paul says he walked out of ‘Oppenheimer’ because ‘it’s all exposition’

Logan Paul is being mocked for his take on ‘Oppenheimer,’ which he complained involved too much talking.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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“I walked out of Oppenheimer,” said Logan Paul in a recent episode of his podcast, Impaulsive. “Everyone’s just talking. It’s an hour and a half, 90 minutes of talking. It’s all exposition. Nothing happened.”

Granted, this is exactly the kind of reaction you might expect from Logan Paul. He’s not exactly famous for his intellect. And he’s previously faced criticism for sharing unpopular opinions like saying Jordan Peele‘s Nope is “one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.”

If anything, it would be more surprising if he turned out to love Oppenheimer, a 3-hour historical biopic about an astrophysicist. However, his comments still inspired a lot of pushback online, as people dunked on his review.

Several commenters quipped that it was a little rich for a podcaster to complain about a film involving too much talking. Others speculated that this was Paul’s first time watching a real drama.

There were also some darker reactions referencing a notorious scandal from 2018, when Paul visited a “suicide forest” in Japan, and posted a video of a dead body. “brother don’t you think you’ve seen enough japanese people’s suffering?” tweeted one commenter. Another wrote, “As a man who has shown dead Japanese bodies on camera, he couldn’t believe Nolan decided not to.”

Even on the official Impaulsive TikTok page, viewers seemed underwhelmed. “People who use tiktok too much can’t watch Oppenheimer,” wrote one, taking aim at Paul’s attention span. Other commenters agreed with replies like, “Bro needs a cgi fight scene ever 5 seconds not to be bored.”

However, some people did offer a more charitable view of Logan Paul’s Oppenheimer take. “we’re all getting mad at him but imagine if he meant that the audience was talking during the movie and that’s why he walked out?” joked one X user. If only.

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