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Everyone—even Lydia Tár—is parting ways with Scooter Braun in this new meme

After Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato left Scooter Braun, the internet discovered his other clients.


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Music executive and entrepreneur Scooter Braun is having a tough week. The longtime Justin Bieber manager has parted ways with several A-list clients. This week, news outlets reported the “Focus” singer Ariana Grande has parted ways with Braun after 10 years.

It was also reported that Camp Rock alum Demi Lovato parted ways with Braun after 4 years, with the singer and actor seeking new management. Despite the speculation around Bieber’s standing with his manager, representatives from both have shut down the split rumors which have run rampant since early August.

Since the news of the “mutual and amicable” splits, the internet is guessing possible causes and making funny memes. Along with the obvious Taylor Swift references, memes are alleging many more have parted ways with music manager Scooter Braun.

‘Parted ways with Scooter Braun’ memes

Child star and children’s series favorite Peppa Pig emerged as an earlier defector.

Who remembers the random London Tube lady who sang “Shallow“? The former internet sensation Charlotte Awbery is unfortunately no longer with Braun.

Probably the most shocking split is Katy from Goat Story, who is the breakout star from the Czech animated film.

Chip Skylark, the pop star from The Fairly OddParents animated series, is supposedly not happy with Braun’s management too.

Golden Girls songwriters Rose and Dorothy have broken up with their manager Scooter Braun.

Finally, composer and EGOT winner, Lydia Tár has consciously uncoupled from Braun’s management.

Depsite the media chaos, Braun has not released an official statement. Until then, everyone is left to speculate on the behind-the-scenes drama.

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