1 weird trick to make your lawn mow itself

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That’s one chore out of the way.

Have you been slaving away over yard work this whole hot summer? This short video could have saved you a lot of sweat—provided you trust your lawnmower.

YouTuber 99bbtom, who sounds to be British, has come up with an ingenious method of giving the grass a trim without all that walking back and forth, demonstrated below. Simply attach your mower with a length of rope to a post in the center of the lawn, tie the throttle so it stays on, give the engine a rip, and push the machine on its way: It’ll go on mowing by itself.

The best feature of this design, aside from getting to sit on your porch drinking a beer while natural physics takes care of the landscaping, is that you get a cool spiral pattern instead of those conformist stripes. All the better for lawn darts.

Just make sure that there aren’t too many rocks or tennis balls lying around the yard beforehand. And don’t forget, as one commenter suggested, to bring the cat inside.

Photo by True Park/Flickr

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