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Man’s ‘lady drawer’ stocked for ‘frequent guests’ has people shook

‘Do the frequent guests all share that same dildo LMAO.’


Esther Bell

Internet Culture

A man on Twitter has people shook over the contents of his “lady drawer.”

Twitter user @DaddyAllDay keeps his lady drawer well-stocked with the essentials like tampons, makeup wipes, a hairbrush, and scrunchies, as well as some questionable items, like not one but two bottles of nail polish remover, a pregnancy test, and what has been dubbed the “community dildo.”

“I feel like every guy needs a ‘lady drawer’ if you plan on having frequent guests,” DaddyAllDay tweeted, along with a photo of his open lady drawer.

Naturally, people online had a lot to say.

“If you’re banging a dude who keeps a community dildo next to the community hairbrush in a drawer with two bottles of nail polish remover in it don’t just say your safe word, write it on the walls and alert Nextdoor,” Twitter user @andreagrimes wrote.

One wrote that they are “obsessed with the concept of a communal dildo.”

“If I needed a make up wipe and I was presented with a communal dildo and a pregnancy test I’m not even opening the door I’m running right through it,” another tweeted.

People really couldn’t get over the community dildo.

“The community dildo is one of the most cursed thing I have seen on this app,” Twitter user @OwennnThomas wrote.

Some men shared how inadequate they felt upon seeing the effort put into this lady drawer.

“I dont even own 2 towels,” Twitter user @notdevito admitted.

And Twitter user @teddyvalenzuela reminded his followers what women really want in a lady drawer: pasta, a drawer full of pasta.

Twitter user @warmfourloko responded with the perfect photo of a “fella drawer,” complete with a near-depleted Dawn dish soap bottle, an empty Coors Light beer can, a pack of Camel cigarettes, a broken comb, and a single Q-tip.

Some Twitter users said they appreciated DaddyAllDay’s efforts into making women feel a bit more comfortable.

“How many times have you been to a dude’s house & he didn’t have toilet paper? Let alone wipes & tampons & hairties?! omg,” Twitter user @TheAlexDeLaFlor wrote.

DaddyAllDay followed up on his original tweet clarifying, “for the record, I’m not saying to go buy all this shit. You really just need makeup wipes, tampons, hair ties, and a hair brush. I just had all that laying round so I designated a drawer for it.”

DaddyAllDay also retweeted the “fella drawer,” so it’s safe to say the jokes weren’t taken too seriously.


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