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‘By god. He pulled it off.’ People are ecstatic about the full version of ‘Planet of the Bass’

The Eurodance parody could be an actual hit.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

It’s rare for the fully realized tease that went mega-viral weeks ago to live up to the promise it sets up, but the full version of “Planet of the Bass” actually does the seemingly impossible, to the internet’s delight.

On Tuesday, comedian Kyle Gordon (also known as DJ Crazy Times) dropped the full music video for “Planet of the Bass,” the parody Eurodance song that’s spent the past couple of weeks blowing up on TikTok, Twitter, and Tumblr, and is performed by DJ Crazy Times and Ms. Biljana Electronica (the character is performed in the video by Audrey Trullinger, while Chrissi Poland did the vocals).

Set in both a European club and aboard a spaceship, it loops in the lore that’s built up around these performers over the past few weeks—including the fact that multiple people have played Biljana besides Trullinger—while positioning Biljana as an alien on the cusp of discovering and choosing humanity. At certain points, Biljana is dressed in a metallic bodysuit, like the Virgin Mary (to DJ Crazy Times’ angel), before changing into her original outfit.

And folks, it’s a banger.

“Planet of the Bass” has gripped us for weeks, with some going as far as to be overly invested in who played Biljana. Some believed Gordon was trying to pass other performers as Biljana, while others pointed to the genre’s history of randomly replacing its pop stars and trying to pass them off as the same person as feeding into the parody itself. (And with a different person doing the vocals entirely so they always sounded the same, Gordon could get away with it.)

The music video features footage of the other two actors who performed as Biljana in teasers (Mara Olney and Sabrina Brier), suggesting it was the latter.

But the video really hit its stride once Biljana chooses humanity, only for her to end up in the tank top and pants getup that made her go viral in the first place.

Even some of the feedback and manipulation of the video play into the parody. One person edited the music video to make it seem like it was taped on VHS, while some of the video’s YouTube comments reminisce about hearing “Planet of the Bass” in Eastern European dance clubs during that time.

What seemed like an incredibly popular internet quirk has now broken through to the real world. 

Footage from a Jonas Brothers concert in Boston showed the band bringing Gordon and Trullinger to perform “Planet of the Bass” while the music video played behind them, to the apparent confusion of some folks in the crowd.

“they played Planet of the Bass on NPR this morning,” @6PackOfBeers wrote. “it is possible that many NPR listeners just heard “life it never die, women are my favorite guy” for the first time. huge day for people still using Barnes and Noble tote bags.

And now it’s only a matter of time before “Planet of the Bass” ends up on the Billboard charts.

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