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‘Bro WHERE the f*ck is she’: People are upset that the blonde lady is not in the new ‘Planet of the Bass’ video

A new version of ‘Planet of the Bass’ is out, and people are wondering what happened to Biljana. But this might be part of the bit.


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Planet of the Bass,” the viral parody song from Kyle Gordon, aka DJ Crazy Times, is a song of the summer, if not the song of the summer, and much of its virality came from the accompanying video.

But a new video has been released, and people have one big question: Where is Ms. Biljana Electronica?

In the new video, allegedly “filmed” in Zagreb, Croatia, Biljana, the blonde woman in the original video who became a fan-favorite, does not appear. Instead, a brunette woman has taken her place. And people are not taking it well.

We reached out to Gordon for comment. However, considering the song is a parody of a very specific time in Europop history, when acts like this often changed singers without comment, and the follow-ups to smash hits were often even worse, Gordon might just be very on brand. He’s been doing this bit for a while.

“Replacing a key member at the height of your popularity and ruining everything is peak Europop, this guy is actually a genius,” said @SwampCommunist.

The full “Planet of the Bass” song is set to be released Aug. 15. And there might be another video by then.

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