The Internet is roasting KFC for their sad Riceboxes

kfc rice box

Who thought it was a good idea to put fried chicken on rice, though?

There’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then there’s Kentucky Failed Chicken, especially in the case of their new menu item: the KFC Ricebox. 

Reddit u/athiestlee’s most recent dining experience with KFC wasn’t the most pleasurable. After ordering one of their Riceboxes, the Redditor posted comparison pics of expectation versus reality, which people have since been making a clucking ruckus about.

Advertisements for the menu item show a hearty bed of rice with some greens in the mix, along with the crispy fried chicken. Meanwhile, athiestlee’s meal looks like something from a TV show’s high school cafeteria. 

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The Independent reports that a KFC spokesperson has apologized about box of brown mush and that they’ve been in contact with the customer to apologize. We’re hoping that the phrase “a lifetime of free mashed potatoes” has come up in the negotiations.

Plenty of other people on the Internet are shaming the fast-food chain for the Ricebox, but it seems most are upset about how tiny the box is.

If anything, these people just want more of the Ricebox. 

Meanwhile, there are other people raving about the Ricebox, calling it “#yummy” and “awesome,” things that I thought I’d never hear being used to describe some fried chicken on top o’ some grains. 

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And one Redditor who allegedly works at KFC pointed out that “whoever fucked up this bad would be in a lot of shit.” The chain is apparently super-strict when it comes to food presentation, even teaching their employees to pack buckets with white meat at the bottom and dark meat on top. What an interesting nugget of chicken knowledge!

We’re still waiting for comment from the Colonel. 

H/T Independent | Photo by athiestlee/Reddit

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