KFC doubles down on the Double Down with an equally gross hot-dog variant

When it comes to pushing the limits of what our stomachs might barely be able to handle, KFC is at the front of the pack.

The fast-food chain has already brought us the Double Down, which features a hamburger sandwiched between fried chicken breasts acting as buns. Unsatisfied with its already ambitious invention, however, KFC took things a step further this week, introducing a consumable contraption known as the Double Down Dog.

Instead of a hamburger, there is now a hot dog between those fried chicken buns. There’s also some kind of liquid cheese topping on the sandwich.

KFC Market! Market! is ready to serve 50 Double Down Dogs today! Grab a #newKFCDoubleDown while it lasts!

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This is a real thing, and I kind of want one. My arteries are already clogging up in protest.

Unfortunately for those of us gluttons willing to venture out into the impending Northeastern blizzard for a Double Down Dog, they’re not available stateside. KFC is only selling Double Down Dogs in 12 KFC restaurants in the Philippines, and each restaurant will only have 50 of the items.

KFC didn’t just introduce the Double Down Dog; it also teased its introduction. Before revealing what was between those buns, KFC wanted to keep us guessing. What could it possibly have been?

While there weren’t lines out the door for KFC’s Double Down Dogs in the Philippines, the company was able to sell out of the 600 sandwiches it offered at the various locations.

Each Double Down Dog container was numbered for posterity’s sake, and the KFC Instagram account marked the occasion for customers with varying degrees of awkwardness.

One of the first KFC fans who tried the #newKFCdoubledown here at KFC Tycoon branch! 47 pieces left! 😄

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“It was love at first bite!” Says Christian. 3 down, 47 left at the Fort Triangle Branch. #NewKFCDoubleDown

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Have you tried the #newKFCdoubledown? Better hurry now because all 50 pieces are disappearing! 😀

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#NewKFCDoubleDown number 4: Sold! There are 46 more at KFC Fort Triangle Branch. Grab one now!

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If you live in the Philippines and you missed out on a Double Down Dog today, there’s no need to worry: You still have one more chance to get your oddly specific hot-dog-and-fried-chicken fill on Tuesday.

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