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Ken Bone leads Jill Stein for president in Florida polls

The undecided voter turned meme has 4 percent of the vote.


Jessica Machado

Internet Culture

Nothing can stop the phenomenal popularity of Ken Bone. Not even his review of Jennifer Lawrence’s anus or his opinion that George Zimmerman was justified in killing racially profiled teenager Trayvon Martin. 

The Hill reports that Ken Bone—the undecided voter in the red sweater from Sunday’s debate—leads Green Party candidate Jill Stein in the run for U.S. president, 4 percent to 1. It should be noted this Public Policy Polling survey was done in Florida, of course. 

Bone did not beat Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, however, who garnered 5 percent support among voters in the battleground state. And Hillary Clinton was the clear leader at 46 percent to Donald Trump’s 42 percent.

Let’s check out these polls in a few days, though, when more of Bone’s Reddit threads are likely unearthed. Then again, who knows, the more offensive or freaky he is, the more beloved he may just be in Florida.

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