The only Bowling Green Massacre is Kellyanne Conway’s mentions right now

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Kellyanne Conway has had a very, very interesting relationship with the truth in her first few weeks as a counselor to President Donald Trump

After some vigorous fact-checking in response to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s inauguration crowd size claims, Conway dubbed the phrase “alternative facts.”

Then, last night, she invented a terrorist attack that never occurred. 

The next morning, Conway explained that by “Bowling Green Massacre,” she meant to say “Bowling Green Terrorists.”

Which, in her defense, are very real people who were arrested. 

But 12 hours is a lifetime on the internet, and by the time she retracted her statement, Conway’s reputation had already died at the hands of the internet. 

Just check out the savagery of the web.

Heads up, this one is a little harsh.

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)


Now, that’s a massacre. 

David Covucci

David Covucci

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