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Here’s the Kanye Hitler Twitter account you never asked for



Luke Winkie

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I considered 2010-era Kanye‘s Twitter to be a star that burned twice as bright but would only last half as long. This was still in the early days of the strange, contemporary era in which celebrities can remove any and all barriers between their fleeting thoughts and the public. Finally, the world’s most outspoken creative, coming off his most brutal public shaming yet (the Taylor Swift incident—you know, the first one) could say exactly what he wanted, whenever he wanted. As he spouted commentary on Akira vs. Spirited Away or fur pillows, I was maybe the happiest I’ve ever been.

Kanye’s Twitter went mostly dark after those salad days. The world’s greatest artist was content churning out ridiculously obtuse hip-hop and staying far away from the Internet. Well, if you’ve been on Twitter recently, you know that isn’t the case anymore. The run-up to The Life of Pablo, Ye’s seventh album, has kicked his social media presence back into overdrive. But this time, it’s been much more uncomfortable. From the weird, gross stuff about Amber Rose to the absurd and indefensible “BILL COSBY INNOCENT!!!!!” incident, it’s been some tough sledding for fans like me.

So it’s no surprise that somebody mashed up some recent Kanye tweets with pictures of Hitler—a fellow megalomaniacal weirdo with a similarly unhinged style—for a parody account. It works better than you’d think.

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If you ever get the feeling that everyone around you thinks you’re an asshole, scroll through your timeline and imagine an avatar of Hitler’s face next to everything you’ve said. Does it make sense? Too much sense? Then it might be time to change your posture a bit.

Photo via Peter Hutchins/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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