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‘Justice League’ releases teaser clips for Batman, Aquaman, and the Flash

Warner Bros. released ‘Justice League’ clips for the Flash, Aquaman, and Batman.


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Justice League will release its first trailer on Saturday. So, in the grand tradition of overzealous internet marketing, we’re getting some teasers for the teaser.

Warner Bros. have posted a series of posters and clips from the upcoming movie, showcasing each of the main characters. Batman basically looks the same as before, but his character video includes a clip of the new Batmobile in action. Meanwhile, the Flash and Aquaman‘s posters give us a more detailed look at their costumes.

So far, they’ve shared teasers for Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman, so we’re still waiting on Wonder Woman and Cyborg. The Flash clip is pretty cool, but Aquaman’s video positions him as an epic badass with a more fantastical slant than the urban action scenes of Batman and the Flash.


Cyborg is by far the most obscure character in the new Justice League team, so we’re curious to see how he turns out. The upcoming trailer will be our first real look at Ray Fisher in the role.

Justice League is due out on Nov. 17.

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