A Black man in a Santa suit and beard does the Junebug Challenge dance in an alley between houses


The Junebug Challenge keeps it moving

What you need to know about TikTok’s latest dance craze.


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Started by content creator Junebug and featuring the music of rapper SpottemGottem, the Junebug Challenge is well on its way to conquering TikTok.


Junebug started his challenge with a video of him doing the Junebug dance, related to the Shmoney Dance, in an apartment building elevator and then various other places in the building, including an apartment’s bathtub.


Junebug went on to post a different version of the dance every day, each one in a new, strange location, with the hashtag #Junebugchallenge.


It wasn’t long until his persistence paid off, with NFL players and babies joining in the Junebug Challenge.


And last week, Junebug even put together a helpful how-to video for anyone who needed the dance broken down into easy steps. The secret? “Constant movement.”


How to do the #junebugchallenge with Junebug 😄👍🏾

♬ original sound – Junebug

Now there are plenty of great versions all over TikTok, including a mouth-watering cooking video featuring King Crab and one TikToker’s absolute conquest of Walmart.

If you decide to participate in the challenge yourself, make sure that your chosen location is a) safe, b) legal, and c) Pokemon Go safety rules apply: if you wouldn’t risk it for a Nulbasor, don’t record your TikTok there.

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