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Uncanny valley indeed.

New York-based photographer June Korea straddles the waking world with constructed fantasies beamed straight from a fever dream. His artful shots have earned him countless awards as well as two solo exhibitions.

One such series of photographs turning heads in the art world and beyond depict Korea’s life with his partner Eva, a silicone sex doll he purchased in the name of art and as a means to combat feelings of loneliness and existential dread.

“Through life with Eva, I want to search for the meaning of loneliness that I want most to escape, and search for the meaning of eternity that I most wish for,” Korea explained in his submission to the 2015 Neutral Density Awards. The shot of Eva being unboxed, along with five other stills, earned him first prize in the self-portrait category.

The photos have made their way over to Korea’s Instagram account, reaching an even wider audience. Juxtaposed between sweeping landscapes, architectural gems, and photoshoots with fellow humans are hauntingly intimate images of life with Eva.

Korea’s last shot of his partner dates back one month and was uploaded on May 15—just after Eva had gotten a haircut. According to RocketNews24, such mundane activities are commonplace for the couple, further stretching the boundaries of what is real and what isn’t.

Of course, the uncanny valley in which Korea and Eva reside could very well be one punctuated by love.

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