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Meme turns ‘Jersey Shore’ stills into your favorite movies

Memes are here! *in the voice of Pauly D*


Samantha Grasso

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Despite the fact that MTV‘s reality show Jersey Shore ended just over four years ago, the internet has yet to forget the dramatic boardwalk- and club-fueled antics of those eight Italian-Americans (and Snooki) who weren’t actually from New Jersey

Sure, the short-lived series may have handed us some seriously spicy internet gold in its heyday, such as “Gym, Tan, and Laundry,” “Stahp it Ron!,” and “Cabs are here!” 

But some new memes rolled out in the last few days that take the reality show’s laughable nature to a whole new level.

The concept behind the meme copies Tumblr and Twitter posts that share film and TV stills or photos with the title and year it was published, be it seriously or as parody.

While the “pop culture reference labeled as a movie” meme is a well-worn concept, Twitter has taken the trend to another level with obscure Jersey Shore frames and a plethora of titles.

Though Know Your Meme credits the spike in Jersey Shore memes to Twitter user @sinamonnroll and their entire thread dedicated to the online phenomenon on Dec. 31, other tweets featuring Snooki, J-Wow, and the rest of the crew date back to a few days prior to the thread’s creation.

That’s not to say that @sinamonnroll’s thread isn’t worth perusing. The account has documented more than 70 pieces of the Jersey Shore memery and is considering adding more.

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With interest in such memes tweets on the rise, several posts on the subreddit MemeEconomy have advised investors to BUY! BUY! BUY! In fact, the meme has become so hot that its value is rubbing off on other moments in pop culture.

Thanks, 2016, for this last fire meme to kick off the new year. 

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