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A YouTube star is eating a picture of Jason Segel every day—and no one understands why

He's putting it all on video.


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

Posted on Feb 20, 2017   Updated on May 24, 2021, 11:28 pm CDT

Actor and comedian Jason Segel, star of sitcoms and Muppet movies and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is now inextricably linked (whether he likes it or not) to a guy named Noah Maloney who goes by “Dog Shit” on YouTube. 

Maloney’s YouTube name is actually Dog Shirt—he’s known for his bizarro homemade TV intros—but he’s created a new channel called Dog Shit just for his special Jason Segel project. Dog Shit has promised to eat a picture of Segel every day, and he’ll only stop when Segel agrees to eat this picture of Dog Shit:

Dog Shit/Imgur

We’re into day four of this bizarre performance art project, and Maloney has thus far kept his word. You can watch him eat Segel

after Segel

after Segel:

Day four took things to another level, showing someone—maybe Maloney himself—getting a tattoo of Segel’s name. After a cut away from the tattoo, Dog Shit is standing in the tattoo parlor, munching yet another Segel pic.

All he’s said in the videos so far is “Hey Jason,” at the end of the first one. Creepy.

Segel hasn’t responded yet—he barely uses his Twitter account—but there’s a good chance he’s aware of them. The videos are now trending on YouTube, and if Segel doesn’t regularly Google himself, he must have a friend who’s filled him in.

To be honest, Segel has no good options here. He can ignore Dog Shit and look aloof or like a poor sport, or he can eat the photo. He should not eat the photo. 

If he does, he’s encouraging the internet to ask cool-seeming celebrities for weird stunts, and setting a precedent that they’ll respond. Remember the brief, bad trend of teens asking celebrities to prom in YouTube videos? It’s like that, but for eating photos of some random dweeb.

The best case scenario is that Maloney goes on eating Segel photos for an absurdly long time—so long that it completely stops being funny, but then eventually becomes funny again. Maybe a year and a half? Three years? And Segel never responds.

I guess we’ll just have to keep watching Dog Shit to find out which of these two men—one famous, one who might have an undiagnosed case of pica—will crack first.

Correction: Dog Shit’s real name is Noah Maloney. He also told Uproxx that he has no personal grudge against the actor.

“He’s a good actor, I liked The Muppets. I cannot stress enough that this is not fueled by anything,” he said.

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*First Published: Feb 20, 2017, 6:09 am CST