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That’s one happy customer.

Japan’s electronics stores are a great way to get an in-depth look at products ranging from computers to basic household goods.

One such chain, Bic Camera, isn’t just a mecca for digital photography—it’s where I got my SIM card while visiting Tokyo in January. And competitor Ks Store isn’t just where you can try out a massage chair. It’s also where you can fall asleep in one and wake up to this.

Twitter user @_Asphodelus__ spent his Monday night trying to figure out how he ended up stuck in Ks after dozing off. Apparently nobody noticed the happy customer in his display area throne. “Oh man, I’m locked in!” @_Asphodelus__ tweeted.

Though employees seemingly slept on making sure all patrons had left Ks before closing, their alarm system sure didn’t. The alarm notified police, who responded by notifying the store’s apologetic manager.

The seriously relaxed man was reportedly checked by 10 officers to make sure there were no stolen goods on him before being able to go free. He was as innocent as a babe asleep in a crib. After all, it’s kind of difficult to pilfer a stovetop range and oven.

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