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The actor goes on the record on what he’s even doing with Instagram these days.

James Franco has finally given an explanation for what he’s been doing on Instagram lately. Well, sort of.

Even David Letterman’s gotten wind of Franco’s recent antics, which included a near-naked selfie and naked portraits of Seth Rogen, and the host took him to task on what exactly is going on.

It’s interesting to see how Franco twists it, and while he insists that it’s all fun, he shovels some blame on the bloggers who follow him and write about his naked selfies.

“I didn’t ask you to look at it!” Franco said. “It’s what the people want! If you don’t want to see it, don’t follow me!”

Easier said than done, Franco.

Photo via Late Show with David Letterman/YouTube

James Franco says he’s embarrassed about the whole sexting-a-teen thing
Franco appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael Friday morning to discuss the incident. 
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