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‘Servers never forget’: Becky Habersberger posts story about James Corden yelling at busboy

‘If you are rude to one server, you are absolutely rude to many servers.’


Audra Schroeder

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Before this week, we got crumbs of rumors about James Corden‘s bad behavior. But now we’re truly dining out.

In the wake of a story about Corden being briefly banned from New York City restaurant Balthazar, after the late-night host was abusive to servers and staff (and not for the first time), comes a story from Becky Habersberger (@becksmecks2), wife of Try Guy Keith Habersberger.

In her “story time,” she says that she’s been a server in the past but that this incident was just one she witnessed. As she was passing by Los Feliz restaurant Little Dom’s one day, she saw Corden exiting while berating a busboy for not being open exactly when he wanted them to be. She also does a great Corden impression.


*James Corden story time*

♬ original sound – Becksmecks2

“If you are rude to one server,” she says, “you are absolutely rude to many servers.”

“Treating customer service workers with decency and respect is the best PR a celebrity can have,” said one commenter.

The TikTok has more than 2 million views.

The owner of Balthazar later claimed on Instagram that Corden called him after the incident and “apologized profusely,” so he unbanned him, but Habersberger doesn’t think he’s actually sorry: “If he was really sorry, he would have apologized to the server and not the owner of the restaurant.”

Ryanair also made a joke about banning him from flying the airline, ostensibly to jump in on the memes. An anonymous story from 2017 claimed that on a New York to London flight on an unidentified airline, Corden remained seated as his wife held their baby and struggled to open the overhead bins.

We reached out to Habersberger for comment via email.

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