Jake Tapper owns Lindsey Graham with clip that shows the senator’s hypocrisy


It seems that Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, forgot that people can look up all of his previous television appearances.

“You know what concerns me about the American press?” he said on CNN this week. “This endless, endless attempt to label [President Donald Trump] as some kind of kook, unfit to be president.”

CNN’s own Jake Tapper had quite the comeback.

Yep, that’s right. Graham called Trump a “kook” and “unfit for office” in 2016. It’s on video, so he can’t deny that he said those things about the current president. Sure, a lot of politicians changed their position on Trump post-election, and now they have to eat their words.

But it’s kind of incredible that Graham is now criticizing the media for apparently saying the exact critiques he made himself.

The internet loved Tapper’s response.

Cheers to calling out politicians who flip-flop—which is a lot of them!

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly is the Unclick editor at Daily Dot. Previously, she worked at Ars Technica and Wired. Her writing has appeared in several other print and online publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Popular Mechanics, and GQ.