Ivanka Trump inspecting quinoa


Ivanka Trump makes an awkward stop at a quinoa factory during empowerment tour

Nothing says feminism like ogling yuppie foods!


Ana Valens

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Ivanka Trump likes two things, she would have you believe: empowering women and quinoa. Luckily for her, she was able to combine both with a timely trip to a quinoa factory in Peru.

Trump’s visit is part of her women’s economic empowerment tour in Latin America that coincides with the Summit of the Americas conference this weekend, the Cut reports. But any goodwill that Trump has to women in South America was quickly lost during her quinoa tour, which seems to have very little to do with empowerment beyond helping the middle-class-plus women who follow her on Instagram understand how quinoa is processed.

“Buenos días!” Trump says at the Instagram story’s start, before eventually moving on to the quinoa factory. “Now… seeing firsthand the quinoa production process.”

Twitter quickly wondered aloud why American taxpayer dollars are sending Ivanka Trump over to a factory to learn about quinoa.




There’s also the fact that quinoa has a dark side. Quinoa’s price started dropping back in February 2014 and reached pre-2012 levels by 2016, showing that quinoa is a food susceptible to the market’s whims, according to one report from NPR. Trump’s Instagram story doesn’t talk about that, though.


The stop comes shortly after a visit to another feminist stronghold, the Lima Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, Trump is set to unveil a new White House initiative for women’s rights at the Summit of the Americas. Hopefully, there, she’ll shine a light on yet another vegan food.

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