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IKEA snaps back about knockoff Balenciaga bag

Frakta? 99 cents. Balenciaga? Two grand. Social media snark? Priceless.


Monica Riese

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The latest new must-have IKEA accessory? Snäark.

After French fashion house Balenciaga announced its newest handbag last week, everyone immediately recognized its striking resemblance to the ubiquitous shopping tote at the Swedish homestuffs store.

Compare for yourself:

The color, the size, the straps—there’s a lot in common here. One key difference between the two is, of course, the price tag: IKEA’s Frakta version will set you back 99 whole cents, while the Balenciaga edition (which, for the record, does not look like it would flat-pack very well), runs north of $2,000. Technically $2,145, but who’s counting at that point?

Lest consumers get confused between the two products, the sassy Swedes—together with the ACNE agency—helpfully put together a guide to help them differentiate the two totes.

It’s a cool little subtweet—not so brazen as the social media efforts of, say, Wendy’s, but still just pointed enough to get the, well, point across. Personally, I can’t wait until an attentive reader grabs a Balenciaga bag to throw in the dirt and really test out No. 3.

For its part, Balenciaga has not responded on Twitter or Instagram, nor do we expect it will. Those designers are probably feeling a little blue right now, don’t you think?

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