Instagram is obsessed with Iggy Pop’s pet cockatoo, Biggy Pop

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None of this is a euphemism.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician Iggy Pop recently released a new album entitled Post Pop Depression. It’s really good! He and Josh Homme really get each other, man. That bond is nothing compared to the love he shares with his pet cockatoo, which is totally not a euphemism.

Iggy Pop first showed the world his beloved Biggy Pop in a pretty awkward 2013 Christmas video. His puppies also made a cameo but they don’t have an Instagram, now do they?

The bird takes his name from Iggy Pop’s biographical semi-spoken word banger “Wild America,” which definitely includes a bunch of innuendos. Biggy Pop’s only been posting for about a week and he’s already gained over 8,000 followers. Like his human father, Biggy’s way into music and is quite the mover and groover.

The account offers a glimpse into Iggy Pop’s crazy bird dude side, which again, has nothing to do with his sexual preferences but everything to do with a cockatoo.

Ah, what love Iggy shares with his Biggy Pop. The man truly does have quite the cockatoo.

April Siese

April Siese

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