‘If you don’t love me at my worst’ spawns a great Twitter meme

The saying “if you don’t love me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” is part of a new Twitter meme. It started with photographs of popular K-pop singers, like Mingyu from the group Seventeen (below), and now it’s being used to compare photos of actors and make jokes.

The format for this meme is simple: post two photos side by side with the text “if you don’t love me at my” to describe the first photo, and “then you don’t deserve me at my” to describe the second photo. Worst and best are implied through the photographs in the meme. But the photos don’t necessarily need to illustrate a best/worst comparison to work in this meme. You can do a comparison between a glass of water versus Ice Cube, for example:

Anything that shows an upgrade from the left photo to the right photo works. Like Michael B. Jordan going from Fantastic Four to Black Panther:

Or a Pokémon transformation:

Here are some other great “if you don’t love me at my” memes:


Even Netflix participated in the meme with this Hercules entry:

And this person had a great comeback to that:

This meme seems like it could go on forever. Who doesn’t have an old photo, or awkward stage of life, that they’d like to forget?

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly is the Unclick editor at Daily Dot. Previously, she worked at Ars Technica and Wired. Her writing has appeared in several other print and online publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Popular Mechanics, and GQ.