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Report on ideal thermostat temperature brings out the dad jokes

Even some dads think these recommendations are a bit too high.


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A new report on energy efficiency claims to have settled the optimum temperature to set your thermostat to for different times and situations. The lowest temperature you should set while at home? 79 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Energy Star, and 82 degrees while you’re asleep.

Of course, many people who need to live—and sleep!—in a cooler environment took issue with these recommendations.

And many commented on the fact that it sounded like the age-old battle between dads and the rest of the family over the thermostat.

“This is literally my parents’ house and all of us kids at Christmas take turns creeping up to the thermostat in the middle of the night and turning it down, then my mom gets up and turns it back to 82,” user @ambernoelle wrote.

Others are apparently resistant to ever turning their air conditioning on, and several dads replied to the tweet to offers their opinion on these “ideal” temperatures.

“‘Hot sleeper’ dad here. The night I sleep in an 82 degree room is the night I drown in a pool of my own sweat,” wrote @nicholasrblack.

“Not this dad #72maximumtosleep,” said @dansaltzstein.

Writer Liz Lenz, who started off the whole dad temperature debate, was actually charmed by the #notalldads commentary.

And then the replies got a little weird, Twitter style.

“Preheat your home to 375 degrees. You are not safe to consume until you reach an internal temperature of 140, and a fork stuck in you comes out clean, and if you are thrown against the wall, you stick for just a couple of seconds and then fall down,” wrote @Livingjetlag.

But overall, everyone agreed that these recommended temperatures are too high.

“Eight-two while sleeping? EIGHTY-TWO? Did they poll a bunch of bearded dragons for this thing?” wrote @Keyboard_Brawl.


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