Raid IRL streamer Ice Poseidon


YouTube star Ice Poseidon reportedly raided by FBI

He’s reportedly a victim of ‘spoofing.’


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Ice Poseidon is having a rough March.

The 24-year-old IRL streamer, whose real name is Paul Denino, reportedly had his home raided by FBI earlier this week. The raid was apparently in response to “spoof” phone calls resulting in bomb threats, which the FBI tracked back to Denino.

Denino has often relied on shocking content. His YouTube channel veers between real-life videos showing off his mansion and drinking too much to videos of him trespassing, antagonizing people, and even getting threatened by Swiss police. According to a tweet from Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, who runs a gossip channel on YouTube, the FBI raided Denino’s mansion for five hours.

The tweet was posted on March 20, but Keem isn’t clear when the raid supposedly occurred. An earlier tweet from Denino, posted on March 19, may indicate the day of the raid. “Cant exactly go live today,” Denino wrote. “Something has come up, i apologize but i might be going somewhere soon.”

Keem claimed in a later tweet that the raid came in response to a hacker who accessed the Twitter account of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and posted bomb threats and a fake ballistic missile warning. It is thought that the threats, which were linked back to Denino, were a result of “spoofing.” Spoofing is “the practice of causing the telephone network to indicate to the receiver of a call that the originator of the call is from somewhere… other than the true origin,” according to SpoofCard.

Keem claimed to have spoken with a source in Denino’s home, who he said confirmed the raid. Later, he posted a new episode of his YouTube show Drama Alert. In it, he repeated the claim and added that the raid appeared to have been spurred by spoofing.

“Someone, allegedly, spoofed Ice Poseidon’s phone number and made a bunch of bomb threats,” he said.

Initially, Keem seemed to be under the impression that the raid was due to a “Ponzi scheme” that Denino recently touted on his channel. A few weeks ago, Denino sparked controversy with a video discussing his idea for a business that many viewers criticized.

In another video, this time posted by YouTube account Twisty, a man claiming to have been at the mansion described the FBI’s arrival. “It was really sad. Everyone was pretty shook up,” he said. He described the FBI breaking doors, furniture, and taking everything from projectors to vapes. “They just tore everything apart,” he said, noting that Denino and his fellow renters may end up owing extra money due to the raid.

The Daily Dot reached out to Denino for comment.


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