How Ridiculous ice block vs. trampoline

How Ridiculous/YouTube

These ridiculous YouTubers dropped a 60-pound ice block onto a trampoline from 150 feet up

These videos are amazingly fun to watch.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

A week after the How Ridiculous YouTube channel dropped a bowling ball onto a trampoline from 150 feet in the air to see what would happen, the Australian group has exchanged a bowling ball for a small iceberg and some watermelon.

Will the trampoline withstand a 150-foot drop from a 61-pound ice block and/or a 22-pound piece of fruit (keep in mind, the bowling ball only weighed 11 pounds)?

Find out here.

The bowling ball video accumulated 26 million views, the site’s most watched vlog ever. As of this writing, the ice block has garnered 5.1 million views in less than two days. The takeaway? People love to watch the How Ridiculous dudes bounce whatever shit they can find off a trampoline from way up in the air.

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