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‘Just applied after watching this’: Texas Roadhouse server shows viewers how much she makes on ‘slow’ night

'The money gets so good.'


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 7, 2022

A user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing how much she makes in a night as a new server at Texas Roadhouse.

In a video with over 159,000 views, TikToker Jules (@joolieannie) documents a night on the job as a Texas Roadhouse server. While she says the night was “slow,” she claims to have made $61 in “like three hours.” She then says that with her hourly wage added, her total earnings come out to $25 an hour.

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In the comments section, many users were enthusiastic about Jules’ serving experience.

“Just applied after watching this,” wrote one user.

“I love serving at roadhouse! the money gets so good when they start giving you those big tables,” stated another.

“I work at roadhouse and keep at it and busy nights and seasons you’ll get $30+ easily!” proclaimed a third.

Others shared their own financial success stories from time spent working in the service industry.

“I made 68 in 4 but doing door dash. I hate it but doing it while I find a regular job,” shared a user.

“Girlllll… learn to bartend! I average around $1000 a night!!! I only work 3 days a week,” alleged another commenter. “I work at a private club area for a professional sports team…If you have a team in your city I bet you have a private club in the arena.”

Other users had tipping questions.

“Can you explain tippin…I always wonder what’s an appropriate amount some say just double the tax? So I’ve been doubling and rounding off…,” explained a commenter.

“Today I learned that I should probably tip more,” offered a second.

Most experts and service workers agree that 20% is a standard tip.

“Industry insider: common consensus says 15-20% is considered a normal tip, but honestly any amount less than 20% is considered a bad tip. If I (or the other servers I worked with) got less, we wondered what we did wrong,” a blog post from travel group Education First explains. The post details that a high tip percentage is expected as servers live off their tips (the federal minimum wage for tipped labor in the United States is just $2.13 per hour).

Even with the low hourly wage, many user on TikTok agree that, at the right restaurant, working as a server can bring in a substantial amount of income.

“Serving is a great choice for making fast money,” a commenter explained. “When u move to bigger sections and it’s busy u can take home over 200 in 4 hrs.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jules and Texas Roadhouse via email.

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*First Published: Nov 7, 2022, 7:59 am CST