hot sauce bath

Screengrab via CemreCandar/YouTube

This looks painful.

There’s a lot of idiocy on YouTube, but this dude might get the crown for his spicy antics.

In a video uploaded earlier this month, dude-bro CemreCandar thought it’d be a good idea to get into a tub filled with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. Just imagine that burning liquid getting into all your nooks and crannies—not to mention your eyes. Not fun, right? 

Even before he starts filling the tub, he goes, “Oh god this is going to hurt so bad.” Yeah, no shit. 

Apparently, that’s this guy’s who schtick. He’s bathed in 520 pounds of chocolate and 1,500 Oreos. But something seems off about this video in particular. We never see the bottles of hot sauce, and I’ve never seen hot sauce with the sort of consistency as the one in the video. And when he allegedly takes a bite of one of the mixed-in hot peppers, it looks like he’s just pretending. 

Regardless, this YouTuber got the attention he wanted. The video already has over 2 million views and tons of comments. And once viewers accept that the dude is probably faking all of this, it’s entertaining at least watching him really stick to the act.

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