Viral thread of Twitter ‘hot takes’ reveals all sorts of questionable opinions



When the Hood Oracle—or @emoblackthot on Twitter-—called for hot takes last night, Twitter delivered.

The Hood Oracle is a popular Twitter personality with more than 75,000 followers. The anonymous account is known for tweeting about popular culture and politics with no remorse. Sunday night, however, the popular tweeter wanted to hear “hot takes,” or unpopular opinions, from their followers.

Several people delivered on the request, offering questionable (and surprisingly popular) opinions on food, people, and other mainstream media. Percy Jackson better than Harry Potter? Believe it.

Apparently, a good number of people don’t buy into the popularity of the Potter series overall. Marvel’s latest cross feature, Infinity War, and the retired sitcom Friends were likewise roasted. These opinions and more were fiercely debated in the Twitter thread.

Of course, some of the opinions were more political than others. Some were blunt, honest, and funny like “men don’t deserve rights.”

Of all the hot takes in response to the Hood Oracle’s request, @godisfenty might’ve had the most accurate take of all: “no pop girl group is touching miss grande right now.” Indeed Ariana Grande’s surprise single, “Thank U, Next” has broken numerous streaming records (and the internet).

Check out the thread for the best, and worst, opinions held by Twitter users—and feel free to pile on with a hot take yourself.

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Alexis Tatum

Alexis Tatum

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