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It’s been a ‘Here Comes the Hurricane’ summer on TikTok

The viral track is from Kevin JZ Prodigy, a ballroom legend who’s been featured on the Renaissance World Tour.


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That One Sound is a column from internet culture reporter Charlotte Colombo that explores the origin of popular sounds heard on TikTok.

With an historic hurricane season already in swing, one TikTok sound has been getting a lot of use lately. And its virality is coinciding nicely with the Renaissance World Tour.

The sound

The audio is the chant “Here comes the hurricane, bitch” followed by “Katrina, Katrina, Katrina,” over an urgent beat. The account @tateboiluke was one of the earliest to make the sound go viral back in November, when he filmed himself voguing down an airport runway. It has more than 15 million views.

@tateboiluke Replying to #realnesswithatwist #ramplifeisthebestlife #jandkthetwinz #houseofaviation #explore #ramplife #ballroomvogue #vougetiktok ♬ HERE COMES THE hURRICANE LEGENDARY KATRINA – Kevin Jz Prodigy

Since then, it’s been featured in a variety of TikToks, and it picked up in popularity again this summer, as people did death drops at beaches, graduations, and elsewhere. In one viral TikTok, a woman films an older man jumping off the diving board at a local pool, perfectly timed to the song.

@toridarlinglife Our pool is closing for the season, one last slay for this king 👏🏻👏🏻 #herecomesthehurricane #slay #king #divingboard #summervibes #oldmandiving #happiness #innerchild #hereforthezipline #fyp #viralvideo ♬ HERE COMES THE hURRICANE LEGENDARY KATRINA – Kevin Jz Prodigy
@disneydarren Clarabelle was GIVING! ✨ Ate & left no crumbs. 10 10 10’s across the board! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #clarabelle #disneypridenite #disneypride #queen #disneyfyp #serving #pride #voguethehousedown ♬ HERE COMES THE hURRICANE LEGENDARY KATRINA – Kevin Jz Prodigy

It was used more literally as Tropical Storm Hilary hit California and Hurricane Idalia hit Florida.

@svbrinnaa Be so fr #hurricanehilary #california ♬ HERE COMES THE hURRICANE LEGENDARY KATRINA – Kevin Jz Prodigy

Where’s it from?

The track, “Here Comes the Hurricane Legendary Katrina,” is from Kevin JZ Prodigy, a Philly ballroom legend who appears on Beyoncé‘s Renaissance track “Pure/Honey,” along with Kevin Aviance. Prodigy’s voice is featured on her current world tour.

The track, which was released last year, has been used in more than 120,000 TikToks, and it was made for another ballroom icon, Legendary Hurricane Katrina. Along with the song, more ballroom and vogue TikToks have started circulating, spotlighting some of the lesser-known legends in the community.
@hurricanekatrina_87 The legendary hurricane KATRINA herself LET ME SEE YA DUETS GUYS #herecomesthehurricane #hurricanekatrina #vogue #ballroom #legend ♬ HERE COMES THE hURRICANE LEGENDARY KATRINA – Kevin Jz Prodigy

Sound off

Prodigy is going viral for this track, but also for TikToks of him performing at some of the recent U.S. dates of the Renaissance World Tour. Last weekend, Prodigy commentated the Human Rights Campaign Equality Ball during a tour stop in Las Vegas, which aimed to elevate ballroom culture and community.

@kevinjzp I did what Beyoncé told me to do!!!!!! #rennasaince #herecomethehurricane #kevinjzprodigy #beyonce ♬ original sound – Kevin Jz Prodigy
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