harambe vs capcom

Screengrab via Otaku Gang/YouTube

The ape who died is more lively than ever.

It’s been mocking me for an evening, the angry, red-eyed gorilla at the end of my task bar, its primal scream punctuated by a white outline on a black background. This is the file icon for Harambe vs. Capcom, a Windows-only video game that I somehow can’t get my Macbook to operate. And yes, I’m using WineBottler.

Harambe was a lover and not a fighter but who doesn’t want to kick some human ass in the name of the ape who died? The folks at Otaku Gang have harnessed one of the most volatile emotions in the five stages of grief and created a beautiful, cathartic video game.

With an evocative soundtrack provided by Lex Lingo & Klopfenpop, Harambe vs. Capcom is the natural progression of where this meme is headed. You can whip your dick out, you can dedicate your victories, and you can pay your respects. Now you can battle for Harambe.

Just please make a Mac version so I can battle too. Kicks out, my friends.

H/T Kotaku

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