College pays tribute to fallen hero with Harambe Night

What a moving gesture.

Sep 14, 2016, 11:28 am

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Gabe Bergado 

Gabe Bergado

Photo via nemar74 / GettyImages (Fair Use) Photo via Cincinnati Zoo | Remix by Jason Reed

These college kids might not be whipping out dicks for Harambe, but they are playing with some balls to commemorate the late gorilla’s life.

The UMass Lowell River Hawks Men’s Soccer team is duking it out against Brown Wednesday night and are dedicated the game to none other than Harambe. It all looks legit, with tweets from the team’s verified Twitter publicizing the event and a calendar entry on the team’s official site.

Apparently, the first 100 students will receive a plushie gorilla and people wearing gorilla suits will have an opportunity to win prizes. 

Unfortunately, Harambe could not be on the field with these players. We all know would be an excellent goalie. 

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