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Screengrab via Harambe's Legacy/YouTube

Harambe is now the Vote for Pedro T-shirt of memes.

Harambe, the ape who died, was transformed after his passing into a beloved American icon and a jokey meme that gets more tired by the day. But now they have Harambe in Canada, and our brethren to the north get to work through the five stages of grief (and the five layers of irony) just like we did.

Students at Toronto’s Ryerson University held a candlelight vigil for Harambe over the weekend, gathering around a shrine for music and (ironically?) heartfelt eulogies. 

Even though the legacy of Harambe has been separated from the life of the actual ape, and its meme potential nearly exhausted, the true fans keep going. Harambe is now the Vote for Pedro T-shirt of memes, a comforting dumb reference in which we can all seek shelter during our current storm of fear and confusion.

When no one can agree on anything, we can all agree on this: Harambe’s death was a tragedy. It’s uncomplicated, it’s not controversial, and it seems to be what we need right now. 

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