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Hacker breaches Drake’s Fortnite account, shouts racial slurs at Ninja

The supposed hacker also claims he accessed PlayStation accounts for Travis Scott and FaZe clan members.


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Posted on Nov 26, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 12:52 am CDT

Drake may want to change his password for his Fortnite account. During a charity event with livestreamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a hacker accessed Drake’s Epic Games login, partied up with the streamer, and began shouting the n-word during a round of duos.

While streaming for The Ellen Fund, a wildlife conservation fund created by Ellen host Ellen DeGeneres, Ninja received an unexpected invite from “Duddus647,” Drake’s Epic Games account. The invite seemed strange at first, as Drake’s account remained silent on the other end, and the rapper mostly plays Fortnite on PlayStation 4, not PC.

Then, after Ninja repeatedly reached out over voice and double-checked his sound settings, the user playing on Drake’s hacked account started shouting the n-word. Ninja quickly left the party, contacted Drake, and reported the issue to Epic Games.

“Dude, that is not okay,” Ninja said. “Yikes man… How did that guy get his account? I should’ve known, man.”

Some Fortnite players pointed out that the hacker purposefully targeted Ninja because of the streamer’s enormous profile. Ninja would jump at the opportunity to have Drake on again, especially during a charity stream, and his livestream gave the hacker a perfect opportunity.

Twitter user EBKOwen has since claimed responsibility for the hack, posting two tweets that show him accessing Drake’s PlayStation Network account and partying up with Ninja. EBKOwen also posted photos suggesting he is behind several high-profile hackings targeting FaZe clan members as well as rapper Travis Scott.

Users pointed out that Drake should fix up his account and make sure he’s fully protected with two-factor authentication, which ties users’ account access to their phone number or email. Of course, EBKOwen claims two-factor authentication won’t stop him, so it’s unclear for now if Drake’s account is safe.


This isn’t the first time Ninja has faced online controversy over his stream’s content. The Fortnite star previously said he refused to play with “female gamers” and rapped the n-word during a stream. Although Ninja isn’t directly responsible for Drake’s hacked account per se, it’s just another reminder that the streamer has a platform that he needs to police carefully, lest he slip up again.

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*First Published: Nov 26, 2018, 8:54 am CST