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Guccifer hacks famed Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein

Previous targets of the mysterious hacker have included General Colin Powell, venture capitalist John Doerr and President George W. Bush.


Curt Hopkins

Internet Culture

That rapscallion and ne’er-do-well of the hacking world with a fixation on (or exploit for) AOL has struck again. This time his victim is Carl Bernstein, the journalist famous for breaking the Watergate story, the break-in of Democratic National Headquarters by men working for then-President Nixon.

Guccifer, as the mysterious hacker is known, cracked Bernstein’s Verizon email account, according to the Smoking Gun (TSG), one of the publications the hacker blesses with announcements after every shenanigan.

Previous targets have included General Colin Powell, venture capitalist John Doerr and President George W. Bush, whose peculiar paintings subsequently captured the imagination of the nation.

“The screen grabs only show correspondence from 2009 and 2010,” wrote TSG, “so it is unclear whether Bernstein, 69, still uses the Verizon account.”

Guccifer’s statements accompanying his hacks have become increasingly whack-a-doodle, talking about an Illuminati conspiracy and, lately, Jews.

“He is around these days. he is jew. But he fights the illuminati!” Guccifer wrote this time.

One Anonymous source, however, is skeptical about Guccifer’s bona fides as an anti-Semite. This source believes Guccifer is a troll of truly epic proportions.

“With the best trolls,” he wrote the Daily Dot, “you’re don’t realize you’re being trolled.” And “by mentioning conspiracy theories is he not creating a larger more dedicated audience?”

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