GramGram is the social media service your grandma desperately needs

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It’s probably been ages since you talked.

When’s the last time you posted on Instagram? How about the last time you called your grandma

After you’ve let it sink in that you’re updating your online presence more often than chatting with poor old nana, we’re here to let you know there might be something new out there to help remedy that situation: Project GramGram.

Advertising students in a BYU social media advocacy class whipped up the idea. Essentially, your social media posts are turned into snail mail and sent to your grandmother. She’s then able to #engage on something like a Facebook upload by circling “Like” or scribing a hand-written comment. Finally, she pops that back in the mail to you. 

It’s illustrated pretty well in this mockup video:

AdWeek chatted with Brad Hill, one of the students behind GramGram. He said that while the rest of the class focused on more serious topics, his group’s “’cause’ ended up advocating millennials to reach out to their grandparents and take time to carry some offline communication.”

While GramGram is currently just an (ingenious) pipe dream, the grandma in the video is the real deal. She’s the actual grandmother of the main character, Stew Tribe, another group member. Hill plays the printmaker.

The students have looked into how they might turn GramGram into an actual service but struggled with sorting out a sustainable execution. For now, it’ll remain a startup pitch. 

So rather than wait for GramGram to become a reality, you should give your grandmother a ring soon. Or even print out some of those photos on your iPhone send them to her IRL. 

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Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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