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Vet invents tiny braces for a goldfish named Mr. Hot Wing

As if fish school wasn’t hard enough.


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Medical history has been made in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A veterinarian there just created the world’s first fish braces, for a little guy named Mr. Hot Wing.

Mr. Hot Wing had a serious problem. He was born without a lower jawbone, making it very difficult for him to eat or breathe. Luckily, Dr. Brian Palmeiro had a solution. He used plastic from a credit card to fashion Mr. Wing some fish braces, which will allow him to eat, breathe, and be made fun of by the other fish at his school.

Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology touted the amazing achievement on Facebook, and people instantly fell in love. 

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The total cost of the surgery was $150, which any parent will tell you is pretty cheap for braces. Although it’s still about $149 more than a new goldfish.

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