woman greenscreen TikTok over monthly pet rent fees 'Fish Allowed Restrictions: No Aggressive Breeds No Aggressive Breeds Monthly pet rent $15 One time Fee $200' (l) fish in bowl on coins in front of pink background (c) woman greenscreen TikTok over monthly pet rent fees 'Fish Allowed Restrictions: No Aggressive Breeds No Aggressive Breeds Monthly pet rent $15 One time Fee $200' (r)

‘$200 for a FISH????’: Renter says apartment is charging pet rent for fish

'They’ll do anything for money I swear.'

On Feb 2, 2023 by Melody Heald

woman using tweezers to pick parasite from salmon (l) woman speaking in car hands up (c) salmon up close parasites (r)

‘So glad these little guys got to enjoy my dinner’: TikToker finds parasites in Whole Foods salmon—but experts say it’s common

'I'm gonna be vegetarian starting today.'

On Aug 20, 2022 by Braden Bjella

hand holding lobster that is turning green caption 'Whole Foods count your days!!' (l) Whole Foods Market sign with greenery in front (r)

‘You damn lobster connoisseurs are killing me’: TikToker reportedly bought fresh lobster from Whole Foods, finds green substance in the meat

'Let me guess, your first time buying fresh lobster right?'

On Jun 10, 2022 by Lauren Castro

beta fish in a tank (l) two beta fish in a container (m) beta fish in a tank (r)

TikToker calls out Petco for alleged mistreatment of betta fish, putting 2 males together in viral TikTok

'They were killing each other.'

On Jan 26, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

Homepage article image

TikToker cooks husband’s pet fish to teach him a lesson in viral video

The video shows her scaling and seasoning the expensive fish.

On Oct 14, 2021 by Brooke Sjoberg

fisherman finds fireball in fish

‘That’s just sad’: Fisherman ‘finds’ brand-new bottle of Fireball in fish after cutting it open, sparking debate (updated)

Many are skeptical of the alleged discovery.

On Jun 22, 2021 by Eilish O'Sullivan

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Meet the TikTok user who started rating #fishboys on their Tinder profiles

'Fish photos are photos you take to share with other guys.'

On Jul 28, 2020 by Trinady Joslin

tiktok fish

TikTok user claims she resurrected her dead fish in this video

In the video, the girl takes her 'dead' fish out of the freezer and plops it into saltwater. The fish then appears to start swimming.

On Apr 15, 2020 by Brooke Sjoberg

penis fish memes

‘Penis fish’ memes erupt after worms wash up on California coast

'Intrigued but uncomfortable.'

On Dec 13, 2019 by Brooke Sjoberg

fish human face

This fish with a ‘human face’ is here to give you nightmares

Hell to the naw.

On Nov 12, 2019 by Stacey Ritzen

instagram censors fish

Instagram apologizes for censoring pictures of fish

'I have no idea why a vegan would follow a fishmonger on social media in the first place.'

On Sep 17, 2019 by Collyn Burke

fish tube memes

People are obsessed with this ‘fish tube’–and the memes are sliding in

'Launch me through the fish tube so I can feel something.'

On Aug 13, 2019 by Brooke Sjoberg

googly eye fish market

Store busted for putting googly eyes on old fish to make them look fresher

Googly eyes will never not be funny.

On Sep 4, 2018 by David Britton

The internet is dogging on this guy who says the vagina stays stretched out each time someone has sex, which is scientifically false.

Can someone please tell this man that the vagina is not like a rotting piece of tuna?

This isn't a sex education lesson, but a cautionary tale not to f**k rotting fish.

On Feb 16, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

Cuttlefish mating fighting

Watch these cuttlefish fight over the same female and beat the absolute s**t out of each other

All's fair in love ... and cuttlefish.

On May 7, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz