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#GiveMoreThanTrump raises the thousands for charity that Trump never did

All proceeds will benefit the American Refugee Committee.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Finally some good is coming from Donald Trump’s stinginess. A GoFundMe campaign vowing to give more to charity than Trump ever did has raised over eight times its goal amount.

The Republican nominee is pretty shitty with his finances. He thinks his wild business losses in the ’90s made him smart because they kept him from paying taxes for two decades. Hell, he’s probably patting himself on the back right now for the paltry $10,000 he’s given in charitable donations from 2009 until this summer.

Owen Ellickson, the man behind the GoFundMe and the creator of the hilarious Trump Leaks tweet series, imagines things a little differently.

The South Pasadena dad and TV producer gained internet acclaim for his imagined dialogues lampooning the election climate we’re in. They tell a story, which fans became a part of if they donated the right amount: $20 got you a finally crafted Trump Leak insult, while $50 is worth a two-person scene between Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the Donald. It’s pretty amazing that the $100 donation prize effectively ranks Chris Christie above Ryan, but then again, look who’s fetching that McDonald’s order.

Those who wanted to go balls to the wall and flaunt that wealth like the man himself donated $200. Not only were they helping the American Refugee Commitee, but they effectively got whatever Trump Leak players they wanted to talk about them specifically, because nothing says Trump like a stroke of the ego.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ellickson about the campaign and is awaiting a response. At its close, over $81,000 had been raised. That’s about $20,000 more than the Art of the Deal‘s latest royalty check, which was swiftly donated to the National Immigration Law Center by author Tony Schwartz.

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