The ‘f**k your zodiac’ meme judges your character with questions that matter

What character do you choose in Mario Kart?


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Posted on Aug 22, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 8:10 am CDT

There are few phrases out there more daunting than “What’s your zodiac sign?” The question comes loaded with expectations of who you are and how you act, all the while exposing your darkest personality quirks based on your answer. Aquarius? Emotional detachment and unrealistic ideas will be your downfall. Leo? You’re as selfish as they come. And where do you even begin with Scorpios?

The pressure of living up to your sun sign’s hype while seamlessly avoiding the pitfalls of your moon sign is real. That’s the idea behind the “fuck your zodiac sign” meme that has people on Twitter abandoning their zodiac signs for other singular aspects of their personalities.

Described by KnowYourMeme as a “phrasal template,” the meme allows users on social media to create their own jokes from the original open-ended statement. “Fuck your zodiac sign” cues people to abandon their zodiac identifiers for other character traits.

For example, instead of offering their moon sign, people use the meme share their choice of Mario Kart character or episode of The Office. With the answer, you get an assessment of a person based on one fact about them, just as you would with a birth chart.

The meme rose to popularity in early August after Twitter user @peedekaf tweeted “Fuck your zodiac sign, what’s your favorite Lil Peep song,” paying homage to the late underground rapper.

The meme quickly gained traction, and it’s been off to the races ever since.






According to Google trends, the meme is seeing its most geographical prominence in the U.S. As of August, the search term “fuck your zodiac” hit its highest interest to date.zodiac_sign_meme_trend

So the next time someone asks you the horrifying question, inform them that it’s out with your old star-crossed mess and in with your new, real sign.

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*First Published: Aug 22, 2018, 8:43 pm CDT