Daily Fluff: Critics: Frenchie’s pumpkin spice latte recipe needs work

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Critics: Frenchie’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe...

Frankie is a nut for fresh ingredients, but this concoction mostly just tasted like wet dog.

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The return of fall means pumpkin spice everything, but one Frenchie foodie has yet to impress critics. Frankie attempted the autumnal favorite “pumpkin spice latte” (or PSL, made famous by Starbucks) by going to the source.

“He’s a nut for fresh ingredients, so he started with a pumpkin right out of the patch,” says Leonard Avery, a friend of the pup. “He really went to town on that thing.”

Once he had enough pumpkin flavoring, it was time to brew and spice the coffee. But its debut at a local coffee shop in Denver, CO was met with lukewarm reviews.

“It had a hint of pumpkin, but mostly just tasted like wet dog,” says Cameron Singleby, a coffee critic for Beans Magazine. “The PSL is a delicate art form. I think Frankie just needs a bit more practice.”

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