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T-Pain weighs in on the ‘Low’ truther theory

Finally we know why that shawty was wearing two pairs of pants.


David Britton

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Flo Rida’s 2007 hit “Low” was the rapper’s first single. It was co-written by T-Pain, hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and was featured in the movie Step Up 2: The Streets. Point being, we’ve probably all heard it a few million times.

But take one more listen.

In the song, the “shawty” seems to be wearing two pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants. First, she’s wearing “apple-bottom jeans” and “boots with the fur,” then she’s in “baggy sweatpants” and “Reeboks with the straps.”

This leads to only one possible conclusion: She’s a centaur.

To be fair, @caroline_oreo wasn’t the first one to point this out. A user named @forclosers said the woman in the song was wearing either double pants and shoes—or she had four legs.

But @caroline_oreo was the first one who proposed the centaur theory that neatly explained everything. At first glance, it seems undeniable. People even started making fan art, of both the cute variety…

…and the more risqué.












Of course, this is Twitter, so alternate theories started being thrown around.

And naturally, the whole how dogs/horses/centaurs wear pants debate got drug up.

Luckily, T-Pain himself jumped in before things got too out of control. He confirmed that, yes, the two-narrator theory was correct.

You would think that would be the end of the debate, but people were not about to let Mr. Pain off so easily.


Some days you just can’t win.

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