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The look on President Donald Trump’s face is priceless.

While it’s one thing for all of Donald Trump‘s detractors to imagine the vitriol they would fling at the president if they ever got to meet him, it’s a whole different matter to actually see it through.

Many who think they would stand up to the man would likely be cowed by the office, overcome with a need to be respectful. It’s a natural human reaction, regardless of how much you dislike a person. But Poland’s first lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, didn’t bother with accepted norms, instead dodging Trump’s outstretched hand, bypassing the man to shake First Lady Melania Trump‘s hand, before turning back to Trump.

Was it shade? Or merely a failure of peripheral vision?

The world may never know, but plenty are already anointing her with icon status for dissing a president who once bragged about committing sexual assault.

The president is in Poland for the first leg of his European tour for the G20 summit, which means this may not be the last handshake shade we’ll see.

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