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Can a woman write books? Yes.

You’d have thought that by now, mansplaining had gone mainstream enough for the vast majority of men to realize what they were doing and stop themselves before they started. But it appears there’s always one man who is still willing to say “hold my beer” (men love drinking beer) and explain away very, very basic topics to women.

Like how books work.

Today it’s Twitter user Erik Spiekermann reminding author Laura Kalbag, who just wrote a book, that she didn’t write a book.

Not only does it literally include “Actually,” the surest signpost of mansplaining… she wrote a dang book. Let her have the dang book.

Kalbag was unnecessarily apologetic to the man…

But literally no one else online was.

Best of all, Spiekermann managed to own himself while defending his comments.


His tweet drew so much attention that even noted Twitter user and celebrity author J.K. Rowling chimed in to support Kalbag.

Anyway, Spiekermann finally issued an apology.

Nice, but…


David Covucci

David Covucci

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