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‘And people wonder why nurses don’t stay in the profession’: ER nurse walks out during shift due to understaffing

'I spent my entire shift literally f**king begging for help.'


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 2, 2022

While nurses may have been vocally celebrated during the pandemic, their actual workplace treatment was anything but celebratory. In the past two years, nurses have complained about being pressured into taking extra shifts, given inadequate supplies, and offered wages that don’t keep up with the increase in expected work—all while the CEOs and other executives saw major wage increases.

Now, nurses are firing back, with many sharing their quitting stories on social media.

One such case is TikTok user @dimplesqueennini, who posted a video after walking out of her job mid-shift due to understaffing.

“I spent my entire shift literally fucking begging for help,” the TikToker says.

Her video currently has over 1.4 million views.

@dimplesqueennini They short one more nurse. I really wanted to leave on a decent note but fuck that. My license is NOT worth it! #nurse #iquit #ernurse #nursesoftiktok #rn ♬ original sound – Dimples Queen

As the video goes on, she explains that she left in part to protect her license, as the lack of help meant she could not provide adequate care to patients. She also ensured the travel nurse who came to take her place was sufficiently briefed on her patients so they would not be left without assistance.

“I’m escalating problems, and I’m getting no help. Not even a tech or a CNA to help with…the basics and stuff,” she recounts of her experience. “[There’s] people that need blood transfusions and have no access, and I’m needing help, and I’m begging—literally begging! I begged literally all day for help! Nothing.”

The following day, the TikToker posted an update saying that she was still happy with her decision.

@dimplesqueennini I am still very happy with my decision. #iquit #nurse #ernurse #nursetok #newgrad ♬ original sound – Dimples Queen

“Let this be a lesson to new grads or anyone that’s going through this super toxic work environment that you can quit, and it’s going to be OK,” she says. This video also reveals that she was offered a job from someone who saw her original TikTok.

In the comments, many users supported the TikToker, with some sharing their own stories of working in hospitals.

“And people wonder why nurses don’t stay in the profession,” wrote one user. “Nobody understands how hard this job truly is. Not just nurses, everyone in health care.”

“Baby I walked into a shift and I WAS THE ONLY CNA THERE!!! 120 patient facility and they told me DO WHAT I COULD!! NOTHING I COULD DO NOTHING!!!” exclaimed a second.

“They took advantage of nurses that actually took their job to heart. And now nurses are not letting hospitals take advantage of them,” concluded a third.

A further TikToker stated it simply: “Nurses deserve so much better.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @dimplesqueennini via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 2, 2022, 9:06 am CST