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Woman tells terminal friend Trump was impeached to let him die in peace

If only we could all know such peace.


David Britton

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Tragedy and comedy sometimes overlap so closely they’re almost indistinguishable. Sometimes we all feel a little like Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias, who famously said, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

After all, what can you do but laugh when you hear that, in order to comfort a dying friend, a woman in Oregon told a man that Donald Trump had been impeached.

Michael Elliott passed away peacefully on April 6, surrounded by friends, one of whom was his ex-wife Teresa. Here is the final paragraph of his obituary:

Mike ran out of family long ago and is survived by his ex-wife and best friend, Teresa Elliott. Though their marriage ran aground, their friendship only grew stronger and hers was the last voice Mike heard. And the last thing she said to him was “Donald Trump has been impeached.” Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded. Mike will be forever missed but never forgotten. A proper memorial is planned for August.

Elliott, like Trump, was also an avid golfer, but clearly had no love for the reality star turned president. Perhaps because of Trump’s stand on transgender issues. After graduating from college, Elliott spent a few years playing semi-pro basketball on a team that toured the country playing exhibition games dressed as women. On the team, Elliott was known as ‘Shaggy Maggie.’

Goodbye Mike, you seemed like a cool guy. The rest of us will struggle on as best we can with our lives unfortunately grounded in reality.


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